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Is the fresh cell therapy suitable for everyone?

No, there are some contraindications. The Pre Injection medical check-up will screen out those who are not suitable as candidates for Fresh Cell Therapy.


The effectiveness on the patients using fresh cell therapy is the same?

Effectiveness of fresh cell therapy depends on many factors: The immune system of each individual body, the overall health of the customers. Complying with the recommendations before and after conducting therapy is one of factors affect the effectiveness of the therapy.


Are there any pre-existing conditions that will reduce the effectiveness of fresh cell therapy?

In general, conditions characterized by excessive inflammation should not be treated during the “acute phase”. Rheumatoid arthritis during an acute flare-up should not be treated. There should be no treatment during pregnancy, chemotherapy or active cancer.


What age is usage of cell therapy recommended?

We have had patients from 5 years old to 90 years old, depending on the purpose of the treatment. Younger patients usually have matters with brain. The age of the patients with the aim of enhancing their health and anti- aging is usually over 35 for women and over 40 for men. 


Is there a best time/seasons of the year to receive fresh cell treatment? why?

Although there is no particular time if the year more suited for treatment than any other time, scheduling your treatment well in advance is recommended given the increased popularity of this treatment lately.


After being extracted, how sheep cells are prepared to be injected into the human body?

The tissues are prepared carefully by a team of healthcare professionals, following strict guidelines set by the German health authorities.  


In what form is the essence of the extracted lamb fetal cells transplanted into the recipient body?

The fetal cell extract is injected intramuscularly into the patient. This method has been found to be most effective and safest.


Is there a difference in cell structure between the human cell and lamb cell? if so, how does it match/assimilate with the human body upon transplantation?

Mammalian cells share many similar characteristics but they are nor identical. Recent theories indicate that the injected call extract results in the release of “signaling factors” that travel to damage tissues where stimulate local repair mechanism. Fresh Cell Therapy effects occur through signaling protein transfer, not DNA transfer.


Is TBT injections is addictive? For example, if the treatment stops for a certain time, is there any damaged organs?

Fresh cell injection is completely non-addictive. There isn’t any impact on the organs if the patient stops using the treatment for a long time. Depending on the purpose of treatment, the patient can use one or more times.


Is there drastic deterioration of the recipient’s well-being if he/she decides to stop fresh cell therapy after a few treatments?

It has been found that every individual respond differently to Fresh Cell Therapy. In certain cases, only one treatment would suffice while in others repeat treatments are necessary to maintain good health and quality of life.

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