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Living Cell Therapy

Tresh cell therapy invented in 1931 by a Swiss Professor – Dr, Paul Niehans, activates natural immune system to stimulate regeneration and healing for the body.

Fresh cell therapy is a biological and accredited scientific treatment. In simple language, living cell therapy means that cells and minute cell unions derived from unborn or young mountain sheep are injected into the patient for treatment or slowdown of degenerative processes.


Example Treatment

A total of around 80 different organs are available for the extraction of living cells which are then used to treat specific functions and organs.

The preparation of an individual cell program can only be done correctly by a doctor with long years of experience and corresponding qualification in this biological method of treatment. The selection of the different organ living cells depends on the health disorders and on the results of the painstaking clinical and lab examinations including ECG.

And this means that interactions and the interplay between the organs have to be taken into account when compiling an individual cell program. Some organ cells complement each other’s effects, while others may impair each other’s effects.

The right combination of the different organ cells is therefore a decisive factor for the treatment success of the living cell therapy. In the view of this importance, it is the Medical Director herself who determines this combination. 


Medical Standard

In our laboratory, the organs needed to extract the cells are taken from mountain sheep, considered the optimum donor animals. Their perfect health is ensured by constant veterinary and laboratory examinations and controls.

The required organs are removed in a sterile environment in the slaughterhouse and the lab, the living cell suspension is prepared, dosed and immediately injected into the patient.

The fact that both our laboratory and the treatment rooms are located in Lenggries, Bavaria state, Germany, just a few steps away from each other, allow us to inject the Living Cells in the shortest time.

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