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For over 80 years, living cell therapy has become the secret cure for slowing down the degenerative processes, enhancing and maintaining the stabilisation of physical and mental power for millions of politicians, businessmen and celebrities all over the world.

Papst Pius XII Papst Pius XII
Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
Prime Minister Charles de Gaulle Prime Minister Charles de Gaulle
King Hirohito von Japan King Hirohito von Japan
U.S President Harry S.Truman U.S President Harry S.Truman
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe
Prime Minister Nelson Mandela Prime Minister Nelson Mandela
Artist Pablo Picaso Artist Pablo Picaso
German Soccer Player Franz Beckenbauer German Soccer Player Franz Beckenbauer
Pop Queen Madonna Pop Queen Madonna

“What I am striving after is not only to  give more years to life but especiall to give more life to years”  

Pro., Dr. Paul Niehans

Customer Opinions

Regain my life

The functional damage and degeneration

“I had a very bad accident years ago. My husband was driving and intended to brake but stepped on the accelerator instead”

The car went over a bridge and crashed into a nearby house. The force of the collision, lunged my head through the window. I suffered brain swelling. My neck muscles and ligaments were strained. I couldn’t bend down and wasn’t able to lie down. The doctor said I could become paralyzed and was detained at the hospital. I needed lots of medication for the pain.

My first fresh cell therapy was during 2009 in Germany. After only two weeks, the ligaments and muscles of my neck had improved. However, I noticed that my muscles had not recovered yet. So, I decided to go for three more treatments to get rid of the persistent pain. After a while, I started to get better. I could see that my skin, face, and the brain swelling began to improve. Now I can walk straight again, and am back to normal life.

Once I recovered my health, I took my family for the treatment. It was the most valuable gift for them. To stay healthy is the most important thing. It is very lucky that the innovation of Fresh cell therapy is available now…”

hinh anh khach hang


(Age 60)


The early signs of atrophy, degeneration and aging

“My body is free to move, my hit is solid and overtime I’m playing better & better”

After my treatment, my body condition is great _ I played 7 rounds of Golf without lock-up and now I have to adjust my swing as my body is free to move, my hit is solid and over time. I‘m playing better and better. My tennis is doing well too…it was ages ago that I beat my opponent 6-0 but that’s what happened last week!

hinh anh khach hang


(Parkinson Patient)

Matermal love

The functional damage and degeneration

“Vast maternal love is unrivaled. I know my son Ethan will recover and still have a normal life, all thanks to the Fresh Cell Therapy”

After the treatment, we had noticed small improvements in as little as two weeks such as clearer speech and more eye contact. Ethan was also calmer and stopped his habitual jumping on the bed and running back and forth. His teachers and therapist had also noticed that he was more attentive, receptive to question asked and getting up from his seat. Some of his quirkiness stopped, like flapping of his hand in front his face, jumping on tip toes and other sensory related quirks. When we call his name, he responds right away now and has better eye contact unlike before; we had at least shout out his name a few time. Ethan also has more awareness of the things and people around whom He shows more affection to others and his sibling

He gained weight and grew in height. His skin is now also smooth and glowing. Ethan now also eats by himself. His hand and eye coordination has also improved – at because of the help of Fresh Cell treatment.

hinh anh khach hang


(Age 9, Austism)


Ray of hope’s Maya

The functional damage and degeneration

“When you have a child with a disability to do whatever you can to help that child reach their full potential and that is how my husband and I have approached our daughter’s care. Our daughter Maya, was born with a rare neurological disorder, schizencephaly, it falls under the cerebral palsy umbrella.”

Fresh Cell treatment helped Maya increase her strength and stamina in her daily life. Until now, my daughter continues to thrive and achieve more goal, at because of using Fresh Cell therapy steadily along with the best medical support with all love. Sometimes, love and hope from the parents is the best cure

hinh anh khach hang


(Maya's Mother)

Rate of success

Strengthening of the body’s defense mechanism

Disturbed blood supply to the brain and limbs

Functional degenerative damage to the kidneys or the gastro-intestinal tract, chronic constipation

Hay fever, nettle rash, allergic skin diseases, allergic Rhinitis

Low sexual potency, low fertility

Hormone disorders

Burnout syndrome – also after operations, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, existential anxiety, etc

Anti aging (Connective tissue and Skin)

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